Thursday, March 12, 2009

Very Strawberry Cake

To celebrate Race for the Cure weekend, I made a 2-layer strawberry cake with strawberry icing and topped off with sliced strawberries. If you don't like strawberries, then you definitely won't like this cake!

The cake was pretty easy to make and decorate, just your basic 2-layer round cake. The sliced strawberries were a last minute idea and actually if you ever put fruit on top of a cake, make sure they are washed and completely dry. These strawberries had been washed, but had not had enough time to dry before I put them on the cake, and they started to slide off, so I had to stick wooden toothpicks in them to make them stay. oops!

The table was decorated in pink and white, of course. We served lettuce wrap tacos, olive spread and baguette, sausage jalepenos poppers, and some veggies, unfortunately none of which is pictured but all of which was delicious!

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