Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Cookies

To celebrate Halloween, I made some pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing and goodness gracious these cookies are addicting!

I found the recipe on joyofbaking.com. This website has the recipe for the cookies and icing on one page - so convenient. The recipe calls for canola oil instead of butter, because it is a "healthy" fat, not saturated fat (so that means I can eat twice as many, right?). Plus the oil gives the cookies a soft, moist texture.

I doubled the icing recipe, because I was worried about not having enough, which was good because I only had a little left over. However, I will say that a little bit of this icing goes a long way so be cautious about the amount you use. The recipe made about 20 cookies - perfect for a party. Oh and as always, I put more cinnamon than it calls for (you gotta love cinnamon)!

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