Monday, April 6, 2009

Camping Trip Breakfast of Champions

We went camping and fishing this weekend in North Arkansas. Unfortunately, the generators were running and it was extremely hard to wade and fish in the water, which I contribute to the number of fish I didn't catch. Regardless of the lack of fish, we still prepared a delicious breakfast and dinner! To anyone that likes to camp, I suggest you invest in one of these. They are very handy and fold up nicely for packing purposes (Ben found his at Academy Sports, but Wal-Mart carries them, too).

For breakfast, we made eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns with cheese. We cooked the bacon first so that we could use the leftover grease for the eggs and hashbrowns (it makes them extra tasty).

In order to keep everything warm while we were cooking, we fired up the tailgate grill and put aluminum foil on the grate and placed the food on top. The tailgate grill is awesome. It's your basic gas grill, except there's s special part that attaches to the trailer hitch and the bottom of the grill. Great investment for camping and football games. The hashbrowns definitely took the longest, but they normally take longer to cook on a normal stove, so just plan accordingly. To top the hashbrowns off, we put American cheese on them (yes, just like at Waffle House).

NOTE: Do not place a red (or any color) plastic plate on top of foil, on top of the grill grate when the grill is on. The plate will melt. That was not my idea, but I must admit it was pretty cool to see a melted plate.

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