Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hayden's Baseball Cake

This was a last minute cake for Ben's cousin Hayden's 10th birthday. This was just the family birthday party for Hayden, so I was not as pressured as I might have been if I were decorating the cake for his actual birthday party.

It was a yellow cake and chocolate icing (very popular and the same type of cake as my first post). I used my 9" Calphalon pans to make the 2-layer cake. At first I was not going to decorate the cake, just put candles on it. But Ben and I started thinking if there was an easy design that I could do without having a lot of preparation and new decorating tools. Hayden eats, sleeps, and lives baseball, so naturally he would want a baseball cake. I sketched out the design on a sheet of paper, which was easy. Then we went to the grocery store and purchased a tube of Wilton's red piping gel.

The piping gel is not the easiest stuff to use, but if you're just doing a simple design it works fine. This is not the fanciest cake I've ever made, but I think it served its purpose. Next time I make a round cake with a sports theme, I want to use this Wilton's Sports Ball Pan.

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