Friday, March 5, 2010

Around the Kitchen

I tend to be a messy baker, spilling stuff all over the place and there's always flour on the floor.  I try my best to always wear an apron, my favorite one being from Anthropologie.  Unfortunately, I could not find a picture of it online, so the Athropologie one pictured below will just have to do!
Around the Kitchen
I love to be comfortable in the kitchen.  Jeans and a comfy top are my favorite.  I also have a couple of go-to items that I am always using.  My Ice Blue Kitchenaid mixer, for example.  I wish I had multiple bowls and attachments, so I am not constantly washing them while I bake.  The next item(s) that I love are my cupcake measuring cups.  Ben's grandparents gave them to me for Christmas this year and as soon as I got them in my kitchen I basically abandoned my old set (who wouldn't, though?)  They are so fancy and fun to use. 

One thing I wish I had are these oven mitts!  If someone is feeling generous, send me some cute oven mitts (my half birthday is coming up!).  The ones I currently use are basically falling apart (you can ask anyone that has been in my kitchen).  Several months ago I had every intention of making my own set.  I had done all of the research, knew what I wanted, and just never got around to it.  Maybe oven mitts will be a Spring project of mine, especially since my sister got a sweet sewing machine that I can use!

So, are you like me and have to bobby-pin or wear a headband in the kitchen?  I get tired of constantly putting my hair behind my ears only for it to come loose 5 seconds later. 

And what's your favorite outfit or thing wear around the kitchen when you bake?  (and no, I will not accept your "birthday suit" as an answer!) 

Have a great weekend!  I hope y'all are having perfect Spring weather like we are in LR!


Les said...

Your blog is making me hungry :)We will be moving to LR this summer!

Rachael Wright Jones said...

Yeah. Pinning your hair back is a must! It does get annoying! Love that apron!!! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Your Dad bought from me on ebay and suggested I take a look at your blog. It's fabulous and so colorful. Good luck with it. I very much enjoyed it.

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