Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not your ordinary jello shots

This weekend, Ben and I made jello shots. Yea yea, I know, we're not in college anymore, so what business do we have making jello shots, right? But these are "sophisticated" jello shots! I promise! Ben saw the idea on this website, which has some other tasty foods, as well.

To make the jello shots, you'll need 5 good-sized oranges. Cut them in half and scrape out the middle. Save the juice from the oranges, because you'll need it for the mixture. Now set the 10 orange halves into a casserole dish and start on the jello.

We used orange flavored jello, but I think it would look good with any orange-ish color jello, like tangerine or apricot. I got a large box of jello mix, rather than the small one. Add 2 cups of hot water to the mix, stir and let it cool a little bit before adding the vodka. We added about 1 1/2 cups (maybe less) of vodka to the jello mixture. Some of it was strawberry flavored left over from the strawberry lemon drops and then we use regular vodka, also pour in half a cup of orange juice. Mix well and pour into the orange halves. Fill them as close to the top as possible. Place in the refrigerator over night. Then slice and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! haha What a cool idea.

FitHealthyHappy said...

That is awesome!! Might need to make those:) So cute

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