Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fancy Camera Strap

I recently purchased a Nikon D60 (which I LOVE) and I had seen tutorials on how to cover an existing camera strap to make it more unique, so of course I needed to try making my own.

I searched around for a website that had good how-to instructions and this is the one I ended up using. She shows step-by-step instructions which makes this project relatively easy compared to other blogs I saw.

For this project, I used fusible interfacing for the first time. It's very easy to work with and definitely gives the camera strap more structure. I chose three different fabrics that had similar colors and cut different lengths of each. The hardest part was definitely turning the fabric right side out after I had sewn it together.

One thing I did different from the instructions was that I did not sew the fabric to the ends of the camera strap, because I was not sure if I would want to keep it on there forever. This way if I get tired of this fabric, I can slip it off and put a new one on! If you want to make a camera strap of your own, I suggest you go to the "Make It and Love It" blog, because she has some great advice, and because I got so excited about making mine, that I did not take ONE SINGLE PICTURE until it was finished. oops!

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Ryan and Sarah said...

Cute! I wish I could do things like that! Hope everything is going well! Miss u!

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