Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taylor-Sawyer Wedding Cookies

For Diana and Dave's wedding, I made 500 polka dot cookies.  250 had a green background and a pink "S" and the other 250 had a pink background and a green "S".  This was a great opportunity for me to figure out how to make and decorate mass amounts of cookies.  With some help (I'm not sure how I could have managed this first project alone) we were able to pull it off!

This picture is of 440 of the cookies.  The bride's mother, Amy, picked up the other 60 the day before because they were for the out-of-town guests' baskets.  The rest of these were a party favor handed out at the reception.

Therese, a family friend of the bride, graciously let me use the oven at her church.  This made the baking process much faster!  In each bag there were two cookies, one pink and one green and on the back of the bag was a small label with my information and a picture of a cake I made.

I am going to have to take a small break from cookies, so this weekend I will be working on sewing another apron with some vintage-like fabric designs!

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Anonymous said...

So cute!!! Did you get paid for doing this? Are you starting up your own baking company?

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