Monday, June 15, 2009

Lamp Makeover

This weekend I decided to take on a small project and redo a desk lamp. I got the yellow and white fabric from Cynthia East Fabrics in Little Rock. It was in the remnants section, so I got a little over a yard for $10! Then I purchased the cowboy-themed lamp from a garage sale for $2. The can of Dover White glossy spray paint was $5 and the lamp shade was $6. So I spent a total of $23 and I have plenty of paint and fabric left to do another lamp.

I found that to get an even coat of spray paint, lightly spray the object every 10-15 minutes, this way the paint will not get runny.

The lamp shade I got from Hobby Lobby makes re-covering shade so easy! It comes with a paper overlay and you can take off and trace onto the fabric so you get the perfect pattern. The shade also has adhesive so that the fabric sticks to it.

I carefully placed the fabric on the shade, making sure to smooth it out completely.

I glued a piece of lace ribbon to cover up the seem. One thing I did not like about the pre-adhesive lamp shade is that it does not have adhesive at the top or bottom rims of the shade, so I had to go back and glue all around that. But other than that, this was a simple project!



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Anonymous said...

So freakin cute!!! I want to start doing little projects like these!

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