Monday, May 18, 2009

Polka Dot Cookies

We hosted a bridal shower at our house this weekend and for one of the desserts I made polka dot sugar cookies with the bride's soon-to-be last name's initial. Her colors for the wedding are a beautiful spring green and classic pink, so these were the colors I chose for the cookies.

I used the sugar cookie recipe and icing recipe from the Easter cookie blog post. Below are step-by-step photo instructions of how I iced the cookies.

I only baked the cookies for 5 minutes so that they would still be somewhat soft.

I divided the icing into 3 bowls. I dyed the majority of it pastel green and transferred a couple of scoops of it to an icing bag with a small round tip. Then I drew an outline around each cookie.

With the rest of the green icing, I slowing added water to it, constantly stirring, until it was runny. Then I transferred this to an icing bag and began to fill in the cookies, making sure to stay within the lines.

I then took the white icing that was in a separate bowl and gradually added water to it (like the green icing) and put it in an icing bag. Prepare the bag of white icing at the same time as the green icing. After filling in about 3 or 4 cookies with the green, take the white icing and squeeze little dots onto the icing. The dots will spread out and form almost perfect circles. I learned this trick from Sarah's friend, Robin.

Let the base layer dry for about 15 minutes. Then I dyed the remaining white icing with pink Wilton's paste. Do not add anymore water to this icing to the pink.

Place these in an airtight container so the icing will not become hard.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed by these cookies!!! Sooo cute! :-)

Christine said...

Oh my gosh! I'm not much of a baker, but I'm saving this post for the next time I get the urge. So cute, thank you.

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