Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Party Aprons Galore!

A couple of weekends ago, I made entirely too many aprons, cut my pinkie finger on the sewing machine, and learned a lot about my sewing technique. You've seen some of these fabrics before, but some are new ones that I know I will be using again. I've started using only to two different fabrics, instead of three, replacing the third one with ruffles or lace.

I created a small information card to slip in the pocket and another to tie around the ties with Care Instructions.

Here's the dining room table/my sewing room with the six aprons laid out. Little did I know what I was getting myself into!

This apron is called Ocean Breeze, one of my new favorite fabric combination! The green lace at the pocket and bottom of the apron is vintage. My Mimi used to sew and luckily she saved just about everything and now I'm getting to use it!

This apron is called Mary's Garden, named after the main character in the Secret Garden. I have not used a lot of pinks in my fabrics (for no particular reason, because I like pink), but this is one I could never grow tired of.

This one is called Contemporary Vintage, because the apron fabric has a vintage-ish feel to it, but when mixed with the cute, small polka dots, it becomes something more modern!

This apron is called Sweet Plum. I was hesitant to buy this fabric at first, but I have found that it works well with so many others. The lace on this apron is from Mimi as well.

Can you tell I'm having fun? :)

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Rachel said...

These are so cute! I may have to come over next week and let you show me how to sew my kids nap pad covers :)

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